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Wake up every morning

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:25 am    Post subject: Wake up every morning Reply with quote

Wake up every morning in the cold air of the morning, and the residual nightmare always interprets to stay unintentional about his own plot. There are too many joys and sorrows in this city, which are warm and cold. We all live in a familiar strange city, we live here, and the city is staring at us silently. I often can't remember the way I came when I came. I can't remember how many days there are so little away, watching the scenes of the world, like the fish in the water, watching people coming and going outside the water, bustling and eager to go, like in the heart but always I can't struggle with a lonely state of mind. I feel like a small dust in the universe, and I can never resist the threat of nature. And people are always rushing in and rushing away, even if they stop, they will not stay in the pursuit of eager eyes. Even though I am tired of the hustle and bustle of the world, I can��t deeply perceive the happiness of the fish in the water. Different worlds will have different landscapes and different moods. In fact, the fate of the past has been arranged. I remember that when I first arrived, the city was very clean and refreshed because of a grand G20 summit. The road was leisurely and there was not a lot of people, but it reflected the elegance of the city. Wake up every morning, always accustomed to riding a unique red car in this city, facing the sun or the misty drizzle, feeling the breath of Jiangnan in this dream, drizzle is a common sight here. This historic city in the south has been a place where the vicissitudes of life and the years have changed. She is like a quiet woman standing silently, passionate and subtle, enchanting and colorful. The Millennium West Lake is a business card. Many people come here with their names, or in the morning or dusk, or in the summer nights Newport 100'S Cigarettes. People are kneeling on the shore of the West Lake. The mood is floating like a willow in the spring, dancing lightly, I don��t know. So the illusion is endless. However, I only traveled with people for a few times, but it was just the autumn rainy night. This image has been fixed in my mind so much that when I think of it, the habit of the night will show a dark autumn rain. And the autumn leaves are yellow. When I leave the unit every day, it is already the night. Going out and turning right is a straight road to go home - Gudun Road, along the thin pedestrian path along the road, I always think of it in the winter season. Before the late autumn, the leaves fell along the ground, while the roadside exudes a hint of sweet-scented osmanthus in the rain and fog, and many sweet-scented osmanthus trees planted along the roadside, as well as many unknown lush plants. At first glance, the endless stretch of the front, let me have the impulse to feel forward. In the rain, the aroma of sweet-scented osmanthus and the dampness of the rain, mixed with the chill of the autumn and winter, kept smashing into the heart and spleen, as if to soak the whole body. In an instant, the taste of life is now in the heart at this moment, and it is hard to say. Throughout the entire Hangzhou city, the Qiantang River and the Fuchun River in the upper reaches of each other and run from the northeast to the southwest, like a jade belt to hold this ancient city tightly, so Hangzhou is also known as the city of Qiantang. The West Lake in the middle of the city is like a bright pearl, shining brightly, giving the city a strong and colorful color. Since ancient times, the West Lake is the legend of Jiangnan, the source of a beautiful story. How many literati, heroes and heroes are convinced by her glamorous, and love her. Because the western peaks of the West Lake were called Wulin Mountain, people later called Hangzhou as the Wulin City. From the perspective of the whole terrain, the current Hangzhou city map is like the shape of a knight who takes off and kicks the kick. It matches the ambiguity of the nickname. Whenever you look at it, she will present it in front of your eyes in a different way. The wonderful performance of West Lake is not only because of her beauty, she is like a dignified woman, the moving appearance does not need to say more, but the more fascinating is her graceful and elegant temperament Newport Carton Cigarettes. The Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Dongpo was detained in Hangzhou. When I wrote down the lake on the lake, it was rainy. The water was bright and clear, and the mountains were empty and rainy. To make the West Lake better than the West, the makeup is always suitable. The people who have been rumored to be called the West Lake by the West Lake Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, and the long levee that was flooded by the West Lake because of the rain, later became the West Lake. It is called Su Di Chun Xiao. There are still many beautiful things in the West Lake that can't be brought together. They can only be experienced with heart Marlboro Regular Cigarettes. Many scenes can't be explained in simple language. For me who first arrived in this city, these wonderful scenery are already in my heart. It��s been a thousand times. Not far from the place of residence is the Xixi Wetland Park, which is also a place where natural and human landscapes are intertwined. Often at dusk, with a few colleagues, relax the tension when working, temporarily put aside the pressure of the world's earth, and use the lazy pace to measure the distance between the waterside forests until the top of the moon, the late breeze Go home. The mood at this time is satisfying and comfortable. While tired, it is a wonderful night to brew tea with tea and sit in a small window to read ancient books. Now that the winter season has passed, the weather is getting colder. When I was at home, my mother always reminded me to keep warm at this time. At this time, my heart is most worried about the mother who is old, and I know at this time. Add clothes to yourself, keep warm and keep warm. The ancients said: "Parents are, not far away Newport Coupons For Cartons." Today's times are convenient and ever-changing. People are always more and more away from home because of various reasons. For work or career, they leave their parents and parents. Even so, People who are far away from hometown still miss their loved ones and miss their homeland. Every time I look at the yellow leaves that are drifting out of the window, I will always raise my feelings of life and easyness in my heart. I am more and more concerned about the family members who are thousands of miles away. Whenever we meet, you are destined in my life. Here, I know each other and know each other. Whenever you are, you will be the beauty of my heart forever, the city of the sky forever!
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

but i can't to do its too borimg Embarassed Embarassed
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