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The New York Jets pass defense has been very good this year

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2019 12:54 am    Post subject: The New York Jets pass defense has been very good this year Reply with quote

. It rates highly against the rest of the NFL by most objective measures. It has given up a passer rating of 85.6 by opposing quarterbacks White Doug Middleton Jerseys , good for fifth best in the NFL. It has given up just 7.0 yards per pass attempt, tied for sixth best in the NFL. It has allowed a 62.3% completion percentage, good for eighth best in the NFL. That all sounds pretty good, and it is pretty good. But there is one measure of pass defense the 2018 Jets have really excelled in: defensive touches. Defensive touches are simple to calculate. Add up all passes defended and interceptions and voila! A simple metric for how many times the defense gets its hands on the ball.Defensive touches are a good statistic to measure how often a secondary’s coverage is good enough to disrupt a pass. Clearly not all good coverage results in a defensive touch; sometimes the pass is just too perfect even for great coverage. Likewise the coverage can be good but the pass is so poorly thrown (or intentionally thrown away) nobody can touch the ball. Coverage can also be very good for a while, but eventually break down due to the passer getting too much time to make a throw. All these factors make defensive touches a somewhat rough metric for measuring coverage, but over time the better teams at coverage should still end up disrupting passes with a defensive touch more than the worse coverage teams.That brings us to the 2018 New York Jets. The 2018 New York Jets have more defensive touches than any team in the NFL other than the Cleveland Browns. Through nine games the Jets have a total of 64 defensive touches, second to the Browns’ 68, one of only two NFL teams with 60 defensive touches, and five more than the third place Cincinnati Bengals. For some perspective, the worst teams in the NFL for defensive touches in 2018 are the DetroitLions and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, tied with just 23. The average NFL team has 44 defensive touches Doug Middleton Jerseys 2019 , meaning the Jets disrupt passes at a whopping 45% higher rate than the average NFL team.How good is 64 defensive touches in nine games? Very, very good. Passes defended have only been tracked since 2001. In the 17 seasons defensive touches have been tracked, the best Jets team in terms of defensive touches, not surprisingly, was the 2009 Jets team featuring an All World Darrelle Revis at the absolute top of his defensive superpowers. That 2009 Jets team had 103 defensive touches. This Jets team is on pace to blow that mark away, currently tracking for 114 defensive touches in the 2018 season. That’s how good this Jets team has been at getting their hands on the football.Defensive touches aren’t the end all and be all of pass defenses. They are just one way among many to evaluate how effective a pass defense is. To put it succinctly, the Jets pass defense in general is in position to make a play on the ball far more than any Jets team since passes defended have been tracked, and more than any team in the NFL in 2018 other than the Browns. In yet another Jets lost season, at least the pass defense is anything but lost. Jim Harbaugh has said he’s still going to be the Michigan coach. And Nick Saban once said he’s not going to be the Alabama coach. So we know to never take prominent denials at face value.From anyone. Coaches routinely tell something other than the truth for strategic reasons, and teams do, too. Harbaugh made his comments while recruiting White Brandon Copeland Jerseys , blaming the rumors about an NFL return on someone trying to throw a wrench in his efforts to attract to Ann Arbor the best possible unpaid players. Regardless of the motivation, the last thing he would have said at the time is, “Yep. Thinking about it. May do it.”That all changes once jobs officially become open and offers become something more than hypothetical. So with Harbaugh currently making $7 million per year in Michigan, what would it take to get him back to the pro game?Despite very real differences when it comes to player acquisition, the jobs are basically the same: High profile, high pressure, high-level football. So how much more than he currently makes would Harbaugh need to be offered to say yes?Would a doubling of his salary do it? That would put Harbaugh at $3 million more per year than Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, giving brand new meaning to “what’s your deal?”With no salary cap for coaches and with the Jets seemingly determined to get the most out of their budding franchise quarterback, $14 million per year would be more than reasonable for a guy who, like most NFL coaches, could have more of an impact on an NFL team than any player ever does.Sure Brandon Copeland Jerseys 2019 , the Jets issued a statement attempting to return the toothpaste to the tube. And for good reason. If word gets out prematurely, multiple problems could develop. From compliance with the Rooney Rule if minority candidates believe Harbaugh is the guy to managing the P.R. complications that come from potentially not getting their top choice (and the New York media never letting them forget it), the Jets can’t afford to acknowledge interest in Harbaugh until he has signed on the dotted line.“Todd Bowles is our Head Coach,” Jets CEO Christopher Johnson said Monday, not “will be our coach” or anything having any relevance beyond Sunday.“There is no truth to the report of our interest in Jim Harbaugh. slips rarely come in writing, but there’s something odd and intriguing about Johnson using the phrase “our interest.” It’s like me saying, there’s no truth to the report of a mechanical problem with my private jet. How can a possessive pronoun attach to something that doesn’t exist?It can’t. And in this case, interest isn’t non-existent. It’s real, no matter how loudly they deny it. Moving forward, what matters most is whether the interest becomes reciprocal.
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