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The rain is draining,

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:11 am    Post subject: The rain is draining, Reply with quote

The rain is draining, and the heart is drenched. I sat under the eaves to read a book, but my heart flew over the heavy rain curtain and flew to the sky. Everything is in the rain, this is the spring rain, slow, lyrical, and ticking the invincible void. The younger brother��s toy hoop hasn��t had time to clean up, and it��s left in the sycamore tree. It��s in a small otter. I really don��t know what the child is thinking every day. I want to use the hoop to put the onion on the line and let him grow neatly. a little. "Sister, I went out to play!" "Under this heavy rain, you have nothing to do, are you? I told you that if you are wet Cigarettes For Sale, I am not welcome to you! Be honest with me!" I am for him. The idea was scornful and frowned. "But it's raining, it's fun, I won't get wet. Bye!" He said, he put on the raincoat and got into the rain. I ignored him and read the book. After a while I heard his cry: "Sister is watching, it is a snail!" "Awful, something....." Although it is extremely unwilling, I still walked out, following the direction of his fingers. Look. Oh, it��s a snail. So big, good fat. It may have smelled the spring in the moist soil. Or maybe they are still in a dream, they have heard the sound of the drip from the rain on the window, the sound is so far away in the dream, and so close. This snail crouched for a winter, rushed by the rain, and the body glowed like a satin. When it slowly climbs up, it shines with gold-like satin. It seems to have breathing. I think of the reading I have done before, and I unconsciously come up with "image appreciation" and "inspiration for you" in my mind. The words like "I really shouldn't be in sight. Just as I meditated, my brother used a small wooden stick to dial the snail who tried to quietly climb the camphor leaves to appreciate the rain curtain and studied its tentacles. I was a little angry and trained him: "You do this, be careful to knock at the door in the middle of the night and turn you into a snail!" The younger brother was playing with the snail indented in the shell, and I was so scared that I immediately stopped. And quickly throw away the wooden stick in his hand. "But Carton Of Cigarettes, but it is really like a fries! Soft, yellow." What? French fries, I am simply convinced by my brother's imagination, I don't want him to follow me anymore, I even think that it is ridiculous to come out with him on a rainy day. Hemp, he stood up and wanted to go to the gatehouse of the yard. The younger brother stood still there and looked at me with mourning. The white face was dark and there was a little red dot on it. What, it seems that there is mold. I ignored him, stepping on the rain, walking to the door and continuing to study. The book is Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is purely in the casual reading, Tom is going to the cave to explore, I saw his hair, feet, curiosity and children's unique feelings, I can not help but feel my own growth, Lost the truth. Looking outward, my brother didn't know what to do with it again. I only saw his heart seem to be so pure and sincere Parliament Cigarettes. A few chickens followed the hen to hide from the rain. I saw that the stones had to be licked. I had nothing to say. I just lowered my body like a hen, but my eyes went outside. There was nothing there. In addition to the rain and the busy figure of my brother...
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