Life Cycle = leech like throughout lifecycle

Size 2-10 cm (1-4 in) (flat body)
Colors Dark Gray, Black, Brown,Tan
Action Undulates as it floats through the water and along the silty bottom.
Habitat Lives in the Silty bottoms in decaying matter.  Prefers to live in still water and avoids light.  Feeds on decaying organic matter.   Often found beneath submerged rocks or branches.  Breathes through its skin.
Notes Often kicked up by wading anglers and when flows are increased and the bottom is disturbed and is most prevalent during low light conditions (dawn, dusk, and dark cloudy days). Most prevalent color in samples I have taken is a dark gray color.   Dark brown is next most prevalent.
Fly Patterns
  • Bunny Leech (gray, natural, black, brown, and tan)
  • Woolly Buggers (black, brown, purple)
  • Marabou Leech (black, brown, gray)

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