Thread Midge
Great pattern from Texas Hole up to the Dam!
Hook: Daiichi 1110 size 22-28
Body: Brown 3/0 Uni-thread
Rib: Yellow 6/0 Uni-Thread
Head: Black 8/0 Thread
Head/Wing Case: Black Thread
  1. Secure brown thread near head.
  2. Build up a slight taper on the front 2/3 of the hook
  3. Tie in the yellow thread and wrap the brown back over the cream all the way to the bend.
  4. Spin the brown thread tight to form a rope and then wind forward leaving a very slight spacing between wraps and tie off with a few half hitches and trim.
  5. Rib forward with the yellow in between the brown wraps.
  6. At the head make a few half hitches with the yellow and trim.
  7. Secure some black thread at the head.
  8. Build a distinct black head, whip finish, and cement.
Variations: Experiment with your favorite 3 colors!  The midges come in all colors from gray to cream to black to brown and even red and orange.   Check out the natruals and try to match them.  Best are brown/yellow and olive/yellow.