Olive Midge Pupa
Olive Latex Midge Pupa
Upper River Pattern
Hook: Mustad 80000BR size 24-28
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Olive Latex (Scud Back)
Rib: None
Wing: None
Head/Wingcase: Black thread
  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Tie in the thread very close to the eye with only 5 or 6 wraps.
  3. Take a strip of olive latex and use a straight edge and rotary cutter to trim a strip of olive scud back (latex) to about 1/16" wide. 
  4. Cut a 45 degree angle on one end of the latex.
  5. Tie in the latex near the head using 5 very tight turns.  Take care not to go back down the hook too far (only as far as you want the wing case to be).
  6. Pull the latex tight and wrap back to the bend keeping good tension.
  7. Begin to wrap forward easing off the tension as you near the head of the fly to create a tapered body (it takes a little practice).
  8. Tie off the latex at the head and trim.
  9. Finish the head/wingcase with the thread by making many turns of thread to build it up.
  10. Whip finish, trim, and cement. 
Variations & Comments: Simple pattern but deadly.  I think they really like the translucence created by the latex.  This was one of my best patterns last year!   Great during the midge hatch when fish are feeding on the rising pupa.  The latex can be found in many colors at the fly shop (scud back) and you can try different combinations to match the San Juan midges.  Brown is another excellent color to have.