Upper and Lower  River Pattern
Hook: Daiichi 1130 size 16-22
Thread: Fl Orange 6/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Fl Orange Thread
Rib: Orange V-Rib
Head: Light Orange Bead
  1. Place a properly sized light orange semi-transparent bead onto the hook.
  2. Place hook in vise and secure thread behind the bead.
  3. Tie in a piece of small diameter orange V-rib (you may have to heat it in hot water and stretch it for the smaller patterns) along the top of the hook while wrapping the thread to the bend of the hook.
  4. Wrap the thread forward to just behind the bead making sure to keep the tension up. 
  5. Wrap v-rib forward with no space between wraps to form the body.  You can tie it round side up or flat side up (I actually prefer the flat side up).
  6. Secure the v-rib just behind the bead with several tight wraps then trim.
  7. Whip fininsh behind the bead, trim, and cement.
Variations & Comments: This pattern is a killer attractor pattern when the lake turns over and the water gets murky on the river.  Sometimes they will really go for the size 16 and other times they won't touch it unless it is size 22.  I've also had luck in the same pattern but a red/orange color or just a red color.  This is my absolute favorite searching pattern for murky water conditions in size 16 or 18.  You can also opt to tie it without the bead and it still fishes well.  I'm just used to tying it this way.