Gun-Metal Midge Emerger
Gun Metal Midge Emerger
Upper River Pattern
Hook: Daiichi 1130 size 20-24
Thread: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Black Thread
Rib: Fine Silver Wire
Wing: White Antron
Head/Wingcase: Gun Metal Blue Plastic Bead
  1. Slip the midge sized plastic  beads onto the hook.
  2. Place the hook in the vise.
  3. Push the beads to the eye of the hook and start the thread just behind the bead.
  4. Tie in the silver wire parallel to the hook shank and wrap the thread back over the wire 1/4 of the way down the bend of the hook.
  5. Wrap the thread back to the bead.
  6. Rib the body with the silver wire.  No more than 4 turns.
  7. Tie off the wire with 4 tight turns.  Don't trim the wire with your scissors.  Instead, wiggle the wire back and forth until it breaks. 
  8. Cut a bunch of antron at about 1/2 the thickness you want the wing to be.
  9. Lay the antron on top of the hook behind the bead with about a 1/2 inch length forward and behind the bead.
  10. Make a few tight wraps over the antron and then fold back the end that was pointing to the front.
  11. Take several wraps over the antron base to secure the wing and whip finish.   Add cement if desired.
  12. Trim wing to desired length.  I like to leave it long at approximately the length of the body.
Variations & Comments: There are as many variations to this pattern as there are colors of thread, wire, and beads.  Try different combinations for different effects.  I tie with clear beads, black beads, and iridescent beads and I use different thread colors with gold, silver, copper, and green wire.  I've even tied this pattern in size 26 and done quite well with it.  However, size 22-24 is my favorite.