Gray/Black All-Purpose Emerger
Black and Gray Midge Emerger
Upper River Pattern
Hook: Daiichi 1270 size 22
Thread: Gray 3/0 Uni-Thread
Body: Gray Thread
Rib: Black 6/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Gray Thread Tag
Thorax: Peacock Herl
  1. Tie in the gray thread and work back to bend.
  2. Pull the tag end to the top of the shank and don't trim.
  3. Lay black thread along top of hook and tie in near the bend.
  4. Build up a tapered body with the gray thread.
  5. Rib forward with the black thread.
  6. Tie off the gray thread and trim. Cover with black thread
  7. Tie in a peacock herl and wrap to form the throax.
  8. Trim the tail/shuck to about the length of the body minus the throax.
  9. Whip finish and cement carefully.
Variations & Comments: This is a great pattern that can pass for a midge or beatis emerger.  Works well when the fish are keying in near the surface.  My favorite variation is a flash back versio of the fly.  Can also rib with brown or olive too.