Extended Body PMD

Lower and Upper River Pattern
Hook: Daiichi 11300 size 14-16
Thread: Yellow 8/0 Uni-Thread
Tail: Yellow PMD Tube Bodiz
Body: Yellow PMD Tube Bodiz
Wing: Coatal Deer Hair.
Thorax: Yellow PMD dubbing
  1. You can find the premade Tube Bodiz at your local fly shop.  Find the proper size and thread it onto the hook.
  2. Secure the thread near the head and tie down the extended body.  Make sure to leave plenty of room for the Wing and throax.
  3. Tie in a stacked clump of deer hair tips forward.
  4. Trim the butts and tie down
  5. Build a thread wedge in front of the hair to force the wing upright.
  6. Dub the thorax around the wing.
  7. Whip fininsh, trim, and cement.
Variations & Comments: This is is a great lower and upper river pattern during the PMD hatches of July and August.  Look for the hatch to start in July on the lower river and work up.  The PMDs on the lower river can be quite big and the fish go crazy for the them though they can be quite picky about the presentation!