Pom-Pom Egg
Killer winter attractor pattern!

Hook: Daiichi 1510 in size 10-18
Thread: Yellow 8/0 Uni-thread
Body: Orange Craft Store Pom-Pom
Thorax: None
Wings: None
Rib: None
  1. Thread pom-pom onto hook.
  2. Secure hook in vise and push pom-pom to the bend.
  3. Secure thread near head and wrap back to point.
  4. Build a firm thread base ending with the thread just behind the eye.
  5. Whip finish and trim.
  6. Place one drop of Zap-a-Gap on thread base.
  7. Quickly slide pom-pom forward to the eye and hold for 5 seconds.
Variations: Try the multitude of peach, red, orange, and yellow pom-poms in various sizes. Use a permanent marker to make a red dot or to color the egg. Add a bead head for weight. Check your local fly shop for pom-poms with flashabou spikes pulled through it. Try your luck with plastic beads for more realistic looking patterns. Usually requires a much bulkier thread base and bead is slipped over the eye instead (or heat the hook and push/melt the bead to the hook!).