Chocolate Foam Wing
A killer fly during Baetis Hatches.

Hook: Daiichi 1270 in size 20-22
Thread: Brown 6/0 Uni-thread
Tail: Split Dark Dun Microfibetts or Black Moose Hair
Body: Fine Chocolate Brown Dubbing
Thorax: Chocolate Brown Dubbing
Wing: White foam post
  1. Place the hook in the vise.
  2. Secure the thread at the head and wrap back to just before the bend.
  3. Tie in several moose fibers for a tail (don't trim).
  4. Wrap the thread forward over the hackle and build a tapered body. Make sure to stop with plenty of room to build a thorax.
  5. Trim any remaining moose fiber butts.
  6. Tie in the foam post with several tight turns and the long end pointing back. Trim the tag end.
  7. Dub the thread with chocolate brown dubbing and build the thorax. Make sure and take one or two turns under the wing to force it slightly up before finishing the thorax.
  8. Whip finish, trim thread, cement, and trim foam wing to about 1/16 inch.
Variations: Try gray, olive, and black.  Use white tuft of zelon, antron, or poly yarn for the wing.   Optionally replace the tail with splayed microfibetts.  You can also try ribbing the body with tightly twisted thread before wrapping forward to create a segmented look.  I also tie a variation of this pattern with only one thread and the foam.  Use a 3/0 uni-thread, leave the tag end long for the tail, rib with a tight rope, tie in foam and whip finish over foam for the thorax.  A one-thread fly.  Simple and it works!!!