Bead Belly Zonker
Bead Belly Zonker
Lower River Pattern
Hook: TMC Size 6-10
Thread: Olive 6//0 Uni-Thread
Tail/Overbody: Natural Rabbit Zonker Strips
Inner Body: Three 5/32 brass beads
Under Body: Pearlescent Mylar Tubing
Rib: None
  1. Slip 3 beads onto the hook
  2. Place the hook in the vise.
  3. Tie in the thread just behind the eye and wrap back over the beads to the bend of the hook.
  4. Cut a piece of mylar tubing to match the desired lenght and slide over the hook from the eye back.
  5. Fray the ends of the tubing and create a tail.
  6. Secure the back end of the mylar near the bend
  7. Tie in the rabbit strip near the bend leaving an inch or two hanging beyond the bend.
  8. Bunch the mylar up and pull it back until the hook shank is exposed and you can wrap the thread forward.
  9. Wrap the thread forward over the beads and near the head.
  10. Pull the mylar forward, tie off near the head and trim
  11. Pull the rabbit forward, tie off near the head and trim.
  12. Form an nice tapered head, whip finish and cement.
Variations & Comments: This pattern has raised some big fish in the San Juan and other rivers as well.  The beads are optional but I like them for added weight.  You can try different types of tubing and zonker strip colors.  Works for a saltwater pattern too!